Audition info for

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Thanks for your interest in auditioning for one of our ten pilot audio stories!

We have over 30 roles, some large, some small, so we're just listening to as many voices as we can. There's a huge variety of roles:

- school age children - black, white, Native American

- young adults - black, white, Latinx

- older adults - black, white, Native American

The time periods range from early 1800s (possibly earlier) through to modern day, and major and minor roles are for all genders.

Please read the script below (just click on the PDF icon), and record yourself reading the appropriate part for your voice on your phone, computer, whatever.

Then email the file to adamsound@gmail.com

with the subject heading "UnHeardOf STL Audition"

We are looking for good natural voices, not "characters" and nothing over the top.

ALL roles are paid.

Thank you!