Sonic Stories is a collaborative effort to develop original audio projects in St Louis Missouri.

We tell stories that educate, entertain, and enlighten; with a focus on providing quality content for

families to learn about themselves and the world around them.


Audio Fables for Modern Families

Like a movie for your ears, Fablist stories are cinematic audio stories told over several episodes via your favorite podcast app. 

We retell fables, fairy tales, and legends from world cultures with simple moral messages, NO SCREEN REQUIRED.

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UnHeardOf STL is an interactive audio map of downtown that tells the diverse stories of St Louis history through cinematic audio stories.


Historical figures tell you about their lives as you stand right in the spots where they lived and worked.

Experience the map NOW!

We develop and support all sorts of audio projects in St Louis. 

We are developing more kids podcasts, scripted comedy podcasts for adults, interactive audio installations, and more.

And we support STL Vernacular by promoting and collaborating with local podcasters of all stripes.

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Sonic Stories are fiscally sponsored projects of

Midwest Artist Project Services.

You can donate to any and all of the projects at